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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sports Gifts For Men, Women & Children

Sports Gifts For Men, Women & Children

Sports are sure popular with men, women and children of all ages today. To make your gift giving a little more unique and add some excitement to the occasion, incorporate sporty themes and then step aside while the recipients cheer.

Here are some popular sporty gift giving ideas for everyone:

Ø If the recipient likes motor sports then you can give motor sport memorabilia like model cars, caps and posters. You can also mix in motor sport dvds, videos, CDs.

Ø Experiment with other sports memorabilia like plastic and metal models of planes and cars, coordinating baseball ball caps, logo footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, etc

Ø You can also mix in sporty mugs, jerseys, pen stands, etc.- -all with favorite team logos and in team colors.

Ø Other sports gifts can be apparel, like sports shoes, t-shirts, sun visors, sun glasses, etc.

Ø Gifts like team watches are also a good option for all ages. So are lockers and hooks with team logos for children’s rooms.

Ø Tickets to upcoming sporting events are also great.

Ø Sporty gift baskets full of tailgate treats, sports mugs and a sun visor rock.

Ø Don’t forget baby! A baby gift basket full of sporty booties, a jumpsuit sporting a team logo with a coordinated baby cap with a team toy rattle included will win smiles and coos.

Online and off, shop for your sports gifts. The benefit of buying sports gifts online is that you get a lot of variety to choose from in the comfort of your own home. Plus there are many websites to surf with sports games, sports trivia, sports info, sports photos and other neat sports stuff.

So get sporty. When a gift giving occasion arises, think sports. Kick in your sports-related gift and go for goal!